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Validators/Receipt Printers
Epson TM U-675 Epson TM U-375 Epson TM U-950
Epson TM U-675 Product Sheet

Supported Equipment
Epson TM U-375 Installation Instructions (Serial / Parallel)
Epson TM U-950 Installation Instructions (Serial / Parallel)
Epson TM U-675 Installation Instructions USB Driver 4.5
MCSJ will support only 1 (one) type of Validator per network.
Do not mix TM U-375 and TM U-950.TM U-375 and TM U-675 are in the same family so they will work together.

Epson TM-U675 Installation USB Connection
Driver 4.5 pdf-blank Driver 4.5
Dip Switch pdf-blank Image
Baud Rate pdf-blank
Baud Rate change is only used on Serial TM-U675.