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We have moved to quarterly releases. Version 2019.1 is now available!

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  • Financial Management
  • Personnel Management
  • Revenue Management
  • Municipal Management
  • Web Portals
  • Mobile Applications
Financial Management

Financial Management includes:

Finance Super Suite
Electronic Requisitions
Escrow Accounting

Personnel Management

Personnel Management includes:

Human Resources

Revenue Management

Revenue Management includes:

Utility Billing
Tax Billing
AR/Business Licensing
Animal Licensing

Municipal Management

Municipal Management includes:

Permitting & Enforcement
Work Orders
Inventory Control
Fleet Maintenance
Municipal Dashboard
Data Vault

Web Portals

Web Portals includes:

Vendor Self-Service
Web Inquiry & Payments (WIPP)
Permitting Self-Service
Employee Self-Service
Resident Self-Service

Mobile Applications

Mobile Apps includes:

eReq App
Meter/WO App
Inspection App
Time Entry App
My Town App


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