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  • Web & Mobile Applications
  • Financial Management
  • Personnel Management
  • Revenue Management
Web & Mobile Applications

A suite of cloud based modules allow the office to be "open" 24/7 and streamline operations. For example, customers can view and pay bills online, contractors can check permits, residents can log complaints and check statuses, and employees can view and request time off along with the ability to access other relevant employee information.

Financial Management

The Financial Management applications consist of: the general ledger, encumbrance accounting, accounts payable, contracts management, check reconciliation, fixed asset tracking, budgeting, capital projects, grant administration, project tracking, electronic requisitions, vendor self-service portal, municipal dashboard and applicable mobile apps.

Personnel Management

Guaranteed to be federal and state compliant and include all statutory forms which can be printed or sent electronically to the required agencies. Unlimited attachments allow for the storage of pictures, documents, or anything specific to that employee in a centralized location. Robust security limits user access based on their specified security level.

Revenue Management

The Revenue Management applications consist of: tax billing and collection, utility billing and collection, accounts receivable and business licensing, permitting and code enforcement, work orders, inventory control, animal licensing and applicable web portals and mobile apps.

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