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2019 Edmunds Edge/Virtual Conference

The Virtual User Group Videos/Documentation

Thank you for attending our Annual User Group Conference that took place from April 16-18, 2019. We hope you found the courses beneficial!

All CEU certificates have been emailed to our attendees. For course videos and documentation, please see below.

Company Rebrand Sneak Peek

New Features & Enhancements: Overview of the upcoming version of the MCSJ Financial and Billing software. Attendees will see new features and add-ons related to Finance, Personnel, Tax Billing, and Utility Billing.

Work Orders: This course will review the new Work Order enhancements which include new Worker Maintenance, Worker Schedule and some new reporting options.
DOCUMENTATION | *Due to an issue with sound quality, the posting of this video will be delayed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Budget Prep: A wide range of budgeting topics will be reviewed during this session. Topics will include budget preparation, adoption, amendments, and transfers. Budgetary reporting options will also be a primary focus.

Finance Reconciliations: This presentation will include an overview for best practices within the system to reconcile accounts on a monthly basis. It will include running the Update Receivables to Revenue Routine, Bank Reconciliations, reconciling the subsidiary ledger to the general ledger, and reconciling Accounts Payable to the G/L.

Receipting/Payments – Best Practices & Good Controls: Overview of best practices using the Payment Window, Payment Batch and related payment reports.

NJ Tax Sale: The NJ Tax Sale process, from generating the tax sale list through printing certificates, is reviewed. The instructor will review cash receipting procedures and offer best practice suggestions to ensure a smooth sale.

Payroll/HR: New Features: Tips & Tricks: This course will review the new personnel and HR enhancements which will include personnel action, deduction code changes, Generating Payroll/Creating Time Entries, Time Entry Maintenance, and Time Sheets.

Utility Best Practices: Overview of best practices for adjustments, reporting, utility account maintenance and additional features within the utility module.

Construction Permitting and Code Enforcement/Rentals: In this session, we will review the permitting and enforcement software. It will include all enhancements, as well as rental licensing and inspections.