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NJ Homestead Benefit Information

The Homestead Benefit

The Homestead file is ready, please carefully review the following information below.

  • A code update is required to have access to the Homestead credit, the date must be 3/21/19 or greater.  MCSJ Code update instructions can be found here.
  • The Homestead import will be performed on your end.
  • Click here for the instructions on how to download and import the Homesteads Benefit.
  • Contact MGL for your Homestead Benefit forms.
  • We have been made aware by the state that this file is only half of the Homestead Benefit being applied to the 2nd Qtr.
  • When testing a bill DO NOT print to screen, please print an actual block and lot to test the alignment.

Email us at with your questions and we will be sure to have a specialist contact you.

Thank you,

E&A Tax Team