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End of Year Information and Resources

Read more to stay up to date on the End of Year processes.

The end of year documentation will become available in correspondence with their webinar dates.  

GAAP Finance
NJ Finance
Payroll/Attendance EOY Manual / Payroll EOY FAQs
NJ Tax
Property Tax

End of Year Payroll Clients:

We will notify our payroll clients via-email once we have all Federal Tax Tables ready within the MCSJ system.
>A code update will be required
>Team Viewer connection to any MCSJ users PC to install the table

End of Year Finance Clients:

If the oldest year in your system is 2009 we will need to perform a finance purge.
Note: Please make sure there aren’t any outstanding PO’s being charged to any of the years being purged.  We recommend purging 5 years with an archive database.  Request your purge by clicking HERE.