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Purchasing & Accounts Payable

Expenditures have real time budgetary controls to prevent from over expending line items. Expenditures are fully integrated into the general ledger, completing all two sided journal entries automatically. Grant, project, and capital account management are included with the Financial Super Suite.


The application provides for encumbrance accounting through purchase order entry or a direct payable can be entered as a voucher. Purchases exceeding a customer defined threshold may be recorded as a fixed asset or inventory item automatically. Multiple account distributions are supported with ease along with unlimited line items, broken down by dollar value or percentage. Line items can be tracked to projects for cost analysis. All forms can be printed or emailed with electronic signatures.


There is a lot of flexibility with check processing. The system provides the ability to print checks from single or multiple checking accounts with all of the fund entries automatically being posted. Once posted, all payables are automatically updated. Checks can be printed on laser paper with preprinted information or MICR encoded on safety stock with optional electronic signatures. Vendors that prefer direct deposit payments, ACH is available.