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Our Team

More than half of our employees are dedicated to customer support. All product development, installation, training, and support are exclusively provided by Edmunds.

Bob Edmunds

Starting in 1982, Bob was an Associate Programmer. He made significant contributions to the company, and in 1991 was appointed President replacing his father Robert R. Edmunds. With his clear vision and team-based collaborative approach, Bob has seen the company grow to become the East Coast leader in software solutions for local government.

Rich oversees the company’s business goals, operational efficiencies and resource allocation. He joined Edmunds & Associates in 1992 as their Regional Marketing Representative.

Rich Evoy


As Vice President of Product Development at Edmunds & Associates, Vito oversees advancement of the MCSJ product. He and his development team are responsible for the constant development of new features and products of our proprietary software application.

Vito Paladino

Vice President of Product Development

As the Finance Officer at Edmunds & Associates, Lisa is responsible for maintaining the financial and accounting services for the company. With her years of experience Lisa also assists our clients with their Finance and Payroll modules.

Lisa Vargas


Chris started at Edmund's in 2010. After completing and managing many successful projects, he now leads our experienced Support & Implementations team and is responsible for delivering the highest level of customer service and project success to our customers.

Chris Easterwood, PMP

Director of Support & Implementations

Paul manages and protects the strong relationship Edmunds & Associates has with their clients. Starting with Edmunds & Associates in 2002, Paul performs the new Client Post Implementation Analysis, the client follow-up, and he coordinates the annual User Group Conference.

Paul Skibo

Client Relations Director

As the Lead Developer at Edmunds & Associates, Jennifer oversees the team of developers for our client conversions. She is well-rounded in all aspects of software development including defining, designing, implementing, testing, troubleshooting and deploying the client’s converted data. Jennifer provides highly technical and specialized guidance to the development team for all aspects of the MCSJ products.

Jennifer Merkel

Lead Developer

Being the key technical interface between Edmunds & Associates and the client, Bill assists with the operational and hardware aspect of our products. He constantly keeps up with the hardware and systems changes and then provides the client options for improvement.

Bill Barber

Director of Internal Technology

Dave is responsible for leading the data conversion department. The conversion services team ensures the successful execution of migrations and conversions, project/change management, and conversion quality assurance.

Dave Shultz

Director of Conversion Services

As Director of Marketing, Jeff coordinates marketing campaigns, trade shows, seminars and webinars and addresses any other marketing need. As the Senior Solutions Consultant, Jeff coordinates all demonstrations and facilitates all solution consultant training.

Jeff Stout

Director of Marketing

As the Marketing Manager, Jessica handles e-mail campaigns, product webinars, seminars, client user groups, bid completion, and assists with the company website. Being a solutions consultant, she presents product demonstrations and attends trade shows to showcase the features and functions of the product suite.

Jess Jensen, MBA

Marketing Manager

Allen actively assists the support department and oversees their internal training. He develops all the system documentation and updates the customer support website. He manages the scheduling and implementation time line and does the initial software set-up to adhere to accounting practices and other requirements.

Allen Foster, CMFO

Senior Support Specialist

As the Senior Developer at Edmunds & Associates, Deborah helps in designing and developing new features in the MCSJ products that we offer to our clients. She has the ability to work with all areas of the company and with her experience she helps take a project from concept to delivery.

Deborah Shea

Senior Developer

Monthly Spotlight

Jennifer Eichfeld

Technical Solutions Consultant

Jennifer brings her experience from her computer science background to our sales and marketing department by performing product demonstrations for prospective and existing clients to showcase the software functionality. In addition to this, she completes RFP’s and maintains the demo databases. Jen also keeps our clients up to date by organizing the company newsletter which is filled with details about product enhancements, upcoming events, and other necessary information. Thank you for your dedication and hard work!