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Web Portals

A suite of cloud based modules allow the office to be “open” 24/7 and streamline operations. For example, customers can view and pay bills online, contractors can check permits, residents can log complaints and check statuses, and employees can view and request time off along with the ability to access other relevant employee information.

Web Inquiry & Payments

The Web Inquiry and Payment Portal allows customers to pay any municipal charge online. Payments can be made by credit card, debit card, or e-Check. Specific account information is also available with the ability to reprint a bill. Secured payments are processed through FIS Global and are imported into the system daily. Associated convenience fees can be charged to the consumer or absorbed by the local government agency.

Permitting Self-Service

Permitting Self-Service Portal allows contractors, homeowners, and inspectors access to a web portal that integrates directly into the system. It allows home owners and contractors to review permit statuses and inspections. This portal can be a powerful tool for inspectors in the field allowing them to view all current permit information, access inspection schedules, record inspection results, and issue violations. Contractors can apply for a permit, request an inspection, and pay any associated fees all from within the portal.

Vendor Self-Service

The Vendor Self-Service Portal allows vendors to login via the web and access their information. A vendor can easily track and manage their account. They can check PO statuses, update contact information, add and review attachments, print 1099’s and more!

Resident Self-Service

Resident Self-Service Portal is a web portal that allows residents to make requests or file complaints from the web. Easily receive and track resident activity with user- defined categories and customizable work flows. The resident has the ability to attach documentation or pictures and designate his or her contact preference, either by email or phone. At any point, the resident can go to the portal to check on the status of the case. The portal integrates with our Work Order application to automate and streamline processes. Once a ticket is received and completed, the resident will automatically get notification along with any other applicable parties. The Resident Self-Service Portal smoothly integrates with the My Town App allowing each resident the ability to stay on top of all town events and notifications.

Employee Self-Service

ESS is a web based module that integrates with Payroll and Human Resources allowing an employee to perform a variety of tasks. Employees can access and reprint W-2’s as well as W-4’s along with check stubs for any period of time. They have the ability to view salary information, current withholdings, benefits, direct deposit, deductions, and year to date totals. Employees can also view current leave balances along with ability to view scheduled or already taken time in a user friendly interface. The employee can request time off subject to departmental approval. Each employee manages their own password.