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Personnel Management

Guaranteed to be federal and state compliant and include all statutory forms which can be printed or sent electronically to the required agencies. Unlimited attachments allow for the storage of pictures, documents, or anything specific to that employee in a centralized location. Robust security limits user access based on their specified security level.


Payroll is designed as an exception based system to reduce the amount of manual entry, allows for multiple pay rates, and integrates seamlessly with Human Resources, Employee Self-Service (ESS), and Finance. Salary and wage account distributions, along with agency payments, are exported directly into Finance so information is only entered once. There is an unlimited amount of direct deposits, contract tracking, retirement tracking, salary history, accrual tables, statutory and voluntary deduction tracking all contained within one centralized location.

Human Resources

Human Resources allow for detailed tracking of benefits and assists with COBRA reporting requirements. Attendance tracking can be centralized or decentralized based on user preference and time clock imports are easily handled. Schedule management allows for simple schedule creation and exception entry payroll then provides the ability to import those directly. Position control, incident and applicant tracking as well as personnel or grievance tracking are all included without limitations. There is an unlimited amount of history that can be stored on an employee to include; job history, salary history and education. EEO4 forms are handled nicely with the ability to autofill, print, and submit them directly from the system. Human resources can be used as a stand-alone module but integrates seamlessly with payroll as well as Employee Self-Service (ESS), if desired.

Employee Self-Service

ESS is a web based module that integrates with Payroll and Human Resources allowing an employee to perform a variety of tasks. Employees can access and reprint W-2’s as well as W-4’s along with check stubs for any period of time. They have the ability to view salary information, current withholdings, benefits, direct deposit, deductions, and year to date totals. Employees can also view current leave balances along with ability to view scheduled or already taken time in a user friendly interface. The employee can request time off subject to departmental approval. Each employee manages their own password.


The Personnel Suite provides detailed attendance reporting allowing you to view attendance history, sick patterns, and weekly schedules. Other standard reports include built in custom reporting and the ability to generate and print W-2’s. The system generates federal 941’s with Schedule B along with all federal and state mandated reports which can be printed or e-Filed. Print and submit EEO4 reports directly from the system along with any necessary LOA or FMLA reports.