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Municipal Management

Municipal Management includes permitting, violations, work orders, inventory control and fleet maintenance.  These modules allow you to track municipal assets from the smallest inventory item to vehicles, equipment and infrastructure.   It is easy to schedule a work order to perform specific tasks on these assets and take advantage of full tracking and reporting capability.

Fleet Maintenance

Whether you perform your own maintenance or subcontract the work out to a third-party vendor our Fleet Maintenance module can assist you with maintaining your vehicles. It is fully integrated with Work Orders, Inventory and Accounts Receivable. User defined levels with create automated work orders for defined maintenance.

Permitting Self-Service

Permitting Self-Service Portal allows contractors, homeowners, and inspectors access to a web portal that integrates directly into the system. It allows home owners and contractors to review permit statuses and inspections. This portal can be a powerful tool for inspectors in the field allowing them to view all current permit information, access inspection schedules, record inspection results, and issue violations. Contractors can apply for a permit, request an inspection, and pay any associated fees all from within the portal.

Data Vault

Data Vault is an automated on-line backup service that automatically and securely transfers designated data to the cloud. In the event of data loss, the client or Edmunds can pull data from the cloud to quickly restore operations.

Work Orders

Work Orders can be issued against utility accounts, fixed assets, and user defined locations. Unlimited user defined codes can be billable or non-billable. Easily create schedules and recurring work orders within the system. Service codes can be created for many different activities such as meter change-outs, shut-offs, final bills, facility or vehicle maintenance, and any other organizational need. Work Order module integrates with Utility, RSS, Inventory, and Fixed Assets.

Inventory Control

Inventory Control module is used to track and store organizational items such as equipment, utility meters, office supplies, and vehicle supplies. It seamlessly integrates with Accounts Payable, Work Orders, Fixed Assets and Utility modules.

Permitting & Enforcement

Permitting and Code Enforcement: provides integration with other modules including tax, utility, accounts receivable, business licensing, and finance. This allows all applicable charges to be displayed for a specific parcel and automatically creates a receivable entry to the general ledger. Integration is also available for mapping functionality through Google Maps or GIS systems.
Permitting: Any type of user defined permit can be added within the system. There is no limitation to how many permit types can be created. Each permit can contain all relevant contractor information. Forms, contractor letters, and permits can be automatically generated. Any relevant documents, applications, project plans, or pictures can be attached to the permit. With the ability to store an unlimited number of fees, it is easy to bill and take payments. All associated project phases can be tracked, from plan review through final inspections. The system will easily store multiple types of certificate information and can be easily updated as necessary.
Violations: Enforcement provides users the ability to track complaints, store photos, issue fines and issue any violation to a parcel. All ordinances and code violations can be stored along with their associated fees and fines providing the user the ability to update as necessary. Violations can be printed or electronically issued. Notices and letters can be easily generated within the system to create a log of communication. This provides the ability to closely track compliance deadlines and inspections.
Inspections: The system provides the ability to store all inspector information. An inspection calendar can be created and used to manage new, scheduled, and updated inspection results. Notifications can be sent to inspectors keeping them up-to-date and allowing them to update all inspection results in a web based, user friendly interface.

Municipal Dashboard

The Municipal Dashboard integrates with finance and payroll providing user defined fiscal transparency and accountability with the ability to viewable online. This contains a summarized or detailed revenue and expense data per fund, CAFR or departments based on user preference. Information can be viewed in a chart, graph or table format. User defined tabs can report on both financial as well as non-financial categories.