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Financial Management

The Financial Management applications consist of: the general ledger, encumbrance accounting, accounts payable, contracts management, check reconciliation, fixed asset tracking, budgeting, capital projects, grant administration, project tracking, electronic requisitions, vendor self-service portal, municipal dashboard and applicable mobile apps.

Finance Super Suite

The Finance Super Suite has a fully customizable chart of accounts with an unlimited number of funds, based on individual state requirements. The Finance Super Suite includes the general ledger, encumbrance accounting, accounts payable, contracts management, check reconciliation, fixed asset tracking, budgeting, capital projects, grant administration, project tracking, and robust reporting.

Electronic Requisition App

Want to be able to approve requisitions from your phone or wireless device when out of the office? Now you can, without losing functionality. This application was designed to streamline the e-requisition process allowing the user to view open requisitions, recent requisitions, update their status, add comments, and approve or deny requests right from your phone. By enabling notifications, you will know immediately when there is a new requisition awaiting approval.

Vendor Self-Service

The Vendor Portal allows Vendors to login via the web and access their information. They can check PO statuses, update contact information, add & review attachments, attachments can be set as private or public, print 1099’s and more!

Purchasing & Accounts Payable

Expenditures have real time budgetary controls to prevent from over expending line items. Expenditures are fully integrated into the general ledger, completing all two sided journal entries automatically. Grant, project, and capital account management are included with the Financial Super Suite.


The application provides for encumbrance accounting through purchase order entry or a direct payable can be entered as a voucher. Purchases exceeding a customer defined threshold may be recorded as a fixed asset or inventory item automatically. Multiple account distributions are supported with ease along with unlimited line items, broken down by dollar value or percentage. Line items can be tracked to projects for cost analysis. All forms can be printed or emailed with electronic signatures.


There is a lot of flexibility with check processing. The system provides the ability to print checks from single or multiple checking accounts with all of the fund entries automatically being posted. Once posted, all payables are automatically updated. Checks can be printed on laser paper with preprinted information or MICR encoded on safety stock with optional electronic signatures. Vendors that prefer direct deposit payments, ACH is available.

Budget Preparation

Everyone likes options; either export budget details to Excel or work directly within the application. This can be done for all accounts or at the departmental level allowing departmental heads to make notes and add details on any request. The system provides history to assist with forecasting. Requests can be adopted, adjusted or denied based on security levels. All notes and details are stored at the account level. Once the budgeted revenues and expenditures are balanced, the process is complete!

Electronic Requisitions

Electronic requisitions allow departments to manage their own budgetary expenditures by requesting purchases subject to an approval hierarchy. Automatic alerts via email, on screen notification & pop-up notifications upon logging in are in place for an approving authority indicating that there are outstanding requisitions awaiting approval. Requisitions include an approval history, competitive quotes, project tracking, and unlimited attachments. Once all of the approvals have been completed, the requisition converts to a purchase order or voucher.

Cash Receipts

Cash receipts can be centralized or decentralized based on customer preference. The system maintains unlimited cash drawers with separate subtotals to reconcile deposits. Optional bar code scanners, receipt printers, cash drawers, and check validators create a simple point of sale solution. By combining optional equipment and built-in workflows, cash receipting becomes simple, fast, and accurate.

Developers Escrow

Developers Escrow allows projects and developers to be tracked and provides user defined categories. It integrates with accounts payable and general ledger, ensuring all appropriate entries are posted correctly. Automated interest distributions based on project balances are easily configurable. Tracking activity within Developers Escrow allows for the generation of project statements, the ability to send out notices to developers when an insufficient balance is currently reflected, and for easy generation of 1099’s.

Municipal Dashboard

The Municipal Dashboard integrates with finance and payroll providing user defined fiscal transparency and accountability with the ability to viewable online. This contains a summarized or detailed revenue and expense data per fund, CAFR or departments based on user preference. Information can be viewed in a chart, graph or table format. User defined tabs can report on both financial as well as non-financial categories.


The system includes an array of financial reports. There is also a built-in custom report writer which allows for the creation of personalized reports to meet any organizational needs. The system also includes a Save and Open option for those custom report templates that have been previously created. Drill down capability is included in many reports that contain summary information, providing the ability to drill down to the corresponding detailed information. There are many output options for report generation: print to screen, printer, PDF, or Excel. Once a report is brought into Excel, it becomes a fully functioning spreadsheet. All reports include a helpful Search option, allowing you to quickly jump to desired information.