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Cloud Case Study – Wilkesboro, NC

Over the last year, slightly more than 50% of our new customers have chosen a hosted solution. All have been impressed with the speed, robust performance, and easy system access from anywhere. Recent customers, Bayonne and North Bergen, both with populations greater than 65,000 residents, are enjoying the performance, security, and redundancy of a hosted solution. Any local government, no matter the size, can realize the benefits of being hosted and switch at anytime.

Wilkesboro, North Carolina is a scenic community located in Wilkes County, about 90 minutes north of Charlotte and 60 minutes south of Virginia. They were our first customer in North Carolina, going live in 2008 and have a population of just under 4,000 residents. Wilkesboro’s population can be misleading. Inside the town’s boundaries, they have one of the largest chicken processing plants in the eastern US, with Tyson employing close to 3,000. They have a Lowes corporate offce and support center with over 2,000 staff members and host the annual Merlefest which attracts close to 100,000 music loving visitors each year for four days in April. Dolly Parton, Zac Brown Band, Dierks Bentley, Willie Nelson, Linda Ronstadt, Alan Jackson, and many other big names have played at the fundraiser started by local star Doc Watson in 1988.

After eight years with a traditional, or on-premise, computing environment Wilkesboro decided to move to the cloud. Their transfer of the data and initial setup was seamless and completed off  hours. After a couple months of being in the cloud, Wilkesboro’s Finance Director, Bob Urness had his expectations surpassed. In speaking with Vito Paladino, Vice President of Technical Services, Bob was excited to point out how convenient it is to use his laptop at town hall, put it in his travel bag, and easily access everything from home or at an out-of-town conference. Bob stated “When you have four young children, portability is a great option! Performance was very good in Wilkesboro’s traditional on-premise environment, but it is even better hosted.”


Advantages of Cloud/Hosting

• Greater flexibility. Accessible and available from anywhere you have an internet connection.
• Faster and more secure. With Amazon Web Services (AWS), vast resources make your data accessible as easily, fast, and secure as it can be.
• Automatic backup and redundancy. AWS data centers insure you always have a backup, and your data is stored in multiple places to insure nothing gets lost.
• Less internal resources. Server maintenance is not required, and software updates require no staff involvement.


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