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Implementing new software comes with many challenges. Over the years we have successfully implemented solutions for hundreds of clients.

West Earl Township, PA

West Earl Township is located in northeastern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The Township’s existing software did not adequately handle their utility billing needs. It lacked the functionality to bill their accounts correctly and staff was forced to do manual workarounds. These processes, in addition to a lack of reporting, prompted West Earl Township employees to start searching for a new ERP provider. The township researched their available ERP software options and narrowed it down to two providers. After meeting with both companies and viewing their products, they chose Edmunds & Associates, Inc. as their next ERP software solution provider.

Facts of the Case

Government type: Municipal
Population: 7,868

West Earl Township staff had a lot to consider during their decision making process. Edmunds won them over with their easy-to-use software solution and industry leading support. Edmunds checked all of their boxes by handling all of their utility billing needs and providing complete integration with all of the other modules.

Software Solutions
  • Finance Super Suite
  • AR & Business Licensing
  • Developers Escrow
  • Utility Billing & Collections
  • Web Inquiry & Payment Portal (WIPP)
  • Permitting & Enforcement
  • Data Vault
Primary Contacts

Candie Johnson, Township Manager


The implementation team assisted West Earl with fitting their business processes into the software applications. The ability to print and deliver easy-to-generate, accurate reports is one of the greatest benefits about the software solution. By defining best practices, Edmunds software enabled West Earl Township to streamline office operations. View the full case study here.

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Customer Comment

“Our implementation and conversions could not have gone smoother. Edmunds staff guided us through the entire process with great professionalism!” – Candie Johnson